therapeutic yoga

Therapeutic Yoga in Bradford on Avon -therapeutic yoga is  unique as the stretches and poses have been broken down or adapted, and time is given to rest and reflect between each of the moves. 

Therapeutic yoga is suitable for those who need to take their yoga practice slowly for health reasons, absolute beginners, and anyone seeking a more relaxed pace of yoga.

Therapeutic Yoga allows you to connect with your body and breath slowly and gently. Through steady, concentrated stretches and postures, with awareness on the breath and the present moment, you will feel more flexible, toned, relaxed and balanced, in both body and mind.

Much of the practice involves mat work ie lying and seated poses and stretches, with a few standing or dynamic poses.

The session finishes with a deep relaxation exercise.

Relaxation has been found to be beneficial for a broad range of health conditions, both physical and emotional. Regular, deep relaxation allows the body to 'stand down', giving itself time to restore and repair.